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  • Epic

    This is an excerpt from a piece that I wrote a few years ago with one of my favorite colaborators, Daniel Blackmoore. This was one of those songs that was inspired by a couple of samples but I needed some initiative to flesh it out. Daniel provided me with motivation and a fresh perspective, but […]

  • Metroid Prime

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    Here’s a short audio scenario that I created out of some of the sounds that I made on contract for Metroid Prime. The majority of the animal sounds are either modified library sounds or manipulated human vocalizations. The drones are mostly processed field recordings and the mechanicals are edited and processed library sources. Sound design, […]

  • Taekwondo Action

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    This is an excerpt from the main title sequence of Equal Impact, an independent film shot and produced in Seattle. They wanted a very percussive and rhythmic track, and they also had some existing edits that needed to be synced to the music for dramatic effect. This was an all MIDI and sampler based track […]