Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

This is another project that I worked on with Paul Lipson at Microsoft, this time as a sound designer and sound supervisor.  We helped out the developers, ZootFly, as much as we could with raising the quality of their sound design and implementation in Fmod.  Unfortunately we were not able to work with the developer all the way through to shipping, so while we did what we could, it went out the door a little rough.  But, being proud of it’s B-Game status, perhaps that helps its charm?

This was an opportunity for me to lead a team of sound designers at Microsoft’s SoundLab to create as much bespoke content for the game and to help create a more cohesive treatment of the enemies and the combat systems.  We also did some post-production for as many of the cutscenes that we had time to get to.  Content reviews, Fmod wrangling, and pre-mixing were my primary responsibilities, though I did get a chance to do a bit of sound design, below are a couple of examples: