Game Credits:

Krafton/Striking Distance Studios – The Callisto Protocol, Senior Sound Supervisor

Wizards/Pipeworks Studios – Magic Spellslingers, Senior Sound Supervisor

Wizards/Tuque Games – Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Senior Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Moon Studios – Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Senior Sound Supervisor

Pine Street Codeworks – Tiny Bubbles, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Microsoft/Undead Labs – State of Decay 2, Senior Sound Supervisor

Foxnet/Aftershock – Marvel Strikeforce, Senior Sound Supervisor

Oculus – Home 2.0, Senior Sound Supervisor for object/surface audio interaction

Oculus/Magnopus – Mission:ISS, Senior Sound Supervisor

Skyrocket Toys – Recoil, Senior Sound Supervisor

Faraday Future – FF91 electric vehicle, Senior Sound Supervisor

505 Games/Serellan LLC – Takedown: Red Sabre, Audio Director/Sound Designer/Implementer

505 Games/ZootFly – Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, Senior Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Remedy – Quantum Break, Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Insomniac – Sunset Overdrive, Sound Designer

Microsoft – Project Spark, Sound Designer

Microsoft/Vangaurd Games – Halo: Spartan Assault, Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Undead Labs – State of Decay, Sound Designer

Microsoft/343 Industries – Halo 4, Sound Designer

Microsoft/Lionhead – Fable: The Journey, System Sound Designer

Microsoft – Hololens, Sound Designer for tech prototypes

Microsoft/LucasArts – Kinect Star Wars, Cinematic Sound Designer

WB Games/Snowblind Studios – Lord of the rings: War in the North, Sound Designer/Implementer

Electrolab Games – Fight Camp, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Cranky Pants Games – Destroy All Humans 3 (uncredited), Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Cranky Pants Games – Evil Dead: Regeneration, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Retro Studios – Metroid Prime, Sound Designer/Implementer

Crystal Dynamics – Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain, Cutscene Post Production

Crystal Dynamics – Soul Reaver 2, Cutscene Post Production

Konami – ESPN NBA 2night, Dialog Editor/Sound Designer

Konami – ESPN MLB 2night, Dialog Editor/Sound Designer

Konami – Frogger: The Great Quest (uncredited), Sound Designer

Sierra Online – Phantasmagoria, Foley Artist/Foley Editor

Microsoft – Children’s Explorapedia, Composer

Movie Credits:

Zombies of Mass Destruction, Sound Designer

Equal Impact, Main Title Composer/Foley Editor/Sound Designer

Music Credits:

Kristoffer Larson, Composer/Mixing Engineer

Information Society, Performing Musician/Stage Manager

Realtime, Composer/Mixing Engineer

Greg D. Forschler, Recording/Mixing Engineer

Legion Within, Mixing Engineer

The Sky’s Gone Out, Mixing Engineer

Bathyscaph, Recording Engineer

Eben Eldridge, Recording Engineer

Decibel Festival, Recording Engineer

C’est la Mort, Mixing Engineer/Remix Artist