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  • Blackout


    I’m very proud to have worked on this amazing short film by Andrew Reid, through the wonderful Project Involve of Film Independent. Each year, Formosa Group donates post production sound services to this incredible project that supports emerging filmmakers from communities underrepresented in film and entertainment. I was Supervising Sound Editor on the project and…

  • Tension Studios now Dolby Atmos enabled!

    Tension Studios now Dolby Atmos enabled!

    Tension Studios has been consulting for Dolby Laboratories, helping game developers prepare technically and creatively for creating content for Dolby Atmos for the home!  Dolby Atmos is literally the next dimension of sound reproduction by incorporating playback in the height plane.  Originally introduced into cinemas for high resolution, immersive theatrical experiences, Dolby Atmos was developed…

  • Zombie Attack!

    Zombie Attack!

    This is an excerpt from the movie Zombies of Mass Destruction (ZMD) from Typecast Films.  I was the sound designer for the gore and zombie effect sequences, which turned out to be most of the movie. This video clip has been mixed so that everything except the sound design elements have been turned down.  Every…

  • More Zombies!

    More Zombies!

    In keeping with my spooky and gory nature, Tension Studios has been tapped to create the horrific sound design for ZMD, a feature length zombie movie. ZMD is being entirely filmed and produced here in the Seattle area by Typecast Films. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Taekwondo Action

    Taekwondo Action

    This is an excerpt from the main title sequence of Equal Impact, an independent film shot and produced in Seattle. They wanted a very percussive and rhythmic track, and they also had some existing edits that needed to be synced to the music for dramatic effect. This was an all MIDI and sampler based track…