I have over 20 years of experience in the audio industry that can be summarized into the following categories:

Game Audio Development

The bulk of my work recently has been in interactive audio for game consoles. From content creation and implementation to senior level direction and team manager, game audio development is my true area of expertise.

Team leadership and management, artistic direction, facility management, system design, sound design, music composition, scripting and implementation.

Sound Design/Composition

Hands-on creation is what I am most passionate about, this is what has kept me so fascinated and excited for all these years. Sound design has been a part of nearly every position or contract that I have done in my career.

Field and studio recording, synthesis, editing, composition.

Spatial Audio

My experience at Dolby Laboratories and subsequent projects over the years has given me an expert knowledge of spatial audio technologies and workflows. I have done numerous installations of surround sound mixing rooms and listening facilities as well as consulting and teaching theory and technique. My studio is fully equipped for 7.1.4 sound mixing and content mastering in all major formats.

Mixing, mastering, encoding, installation of hardware and software, room calibration, interactive audio engines.

Post Production

I started my professional career working in various recording studios in Seattle and San Francisco where I learned every aspect of post production for movies, TV, and radio. I use these skills daily and continue to avidly work in this field.

Sound design, editing, dialog recording, sync to picture, mixing, surround encoding.

Music Production and Engineering

I can look at any creative project from a high level to provide focus and direction when needed. I use this ability to help shape songs and albums plus I have the technical skills to take a hands-on approach.

Recording (live and studio), editing, programming, mixing (stereo, surround, and spatial), mastering.

Live Performance/Stage Management

I have significant experience in live audio, from both on-stage and behind the scenes. I am a veteran of multiple world-wide tours with Information Society and Dolby Laboratories, doing just about everything at one point or another.

MIDI pad performer, mixing (monitors and FOH), recording (board and multi-mic), stage management, setup/tear-down.