State of Decay 2

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I was very happy to be able to work with one of my favorite teams, Undead Labs, on the their much-anticipated sequel: State of Decay 2. It was like getting the band back together again working with Kevin and Jordan. Tension Studios provided audio system design and content for the core firearms and vehicles in the game.

For the firearms we used source from my field recording sessions as well as top library content to create a runtime-layered system in Wwise that could be expanded by mixing and matching different components as well as modifying playback options. This allowed the audio team to create as many new weapon variations and modular add-ons needed as the arsenal grew.

Below is an in-game sampling of some of the firearms:

For the vehicles we recorded as many “real world” cars as possible, using a dynomometer as well as on the road. In Wwise we implemented multiple instances of Rev to provide engine and exhaust perspectives into the Unreal 4 based game engine.

Below is the 2016 E3 announce trailer done by Formosa Group/Interactive:

Bonus: My face was scanned by the Undead Labs art team and used as part of their character generation system: