Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

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My first game soundtrack (and album, for that matter) has been released! I’m happy to announce that the official soundtrack for the very successful indie game Tiny Bubbles is now available on virtually all digital streaming platforms and online stores. Click on the image above or search your digital purveyor of choice, it has been widely published to most services. A few of the more common services are linked below.

These nine tracks range from ambient to downtempo beats, 2 of which are linear adaptations of the in-game interactive pieces. We might be looking at implementing reactive versions of the new tracks into future updates of Tiny Bubbles, stay tuned for more info on that front.

I’d like to thank Stu and Paulette at Pine Street Codeworks for making such a cool game that was so inspiring for me to create this music and sound design. And of course my wife Paige for supporting me and putting up with the long hours after the long hours.

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