Mission: ISS for Oculus Rift

This was an amazing opportunity to work with Oculus and Magnopus to provide end-to-end audio services for their immersive International Space Station VR experience on the Oculus Rift and Gear. From the Press Kit: “Created in collaboration with NASA, Mission: ISS lets users explore the International Space Station in detail and understand what it’s like to be an astronaut in a way that’s never before been possible.”

I was the Senior Sound Supervisor on the project and our Formosa Interactive team covered everything from system design, content creation, implementation, VO, music production, and final mix. Using Unity3D and Wwise by Audiokinetic we created an immersive and accurate audio representation of the ISS. Personal navigation and orientation is one of the biggest challenges in space, real or virtual! To that end, we created believable ambiences with directionality associated with every section of the ISS so that after a bit of experience you can navigate and orient yourself intuitively with just the audio alone.

Here is a clip of gameplay taken from the headset display. One thing to note, the EVA spacewalk section of the video is incomplete and using temp audio.