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  • Fight Camp Official Soundtrack

    Fight Camp Official Soundtrack

    After 10 years and minor interest, I’ve released the official soundtrack to Fight Camp, a great little game that was powered by Adobe Flash (RIP) on Facebook. It’s really more like an EP since there are only 4 tracks. These tracks are short and intended to loop infinitely, so they stop relatively abruptly becaulse they’re […]

  • Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

    Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

    My first game soundtrack (and album, for that matter) has been released! I’m happy to announce that the official soundtrack for the very successful indie game Tiny Bubbles is now available on virtually all digital streaming platforms and online stores. Click on the image above or search your digital purveyor of choice, it has been […]

  • Tiny Bubbles

    Tiny Bubbles

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Pine Street Codeworks to help bring this enchanting puzzle game to life! For this project I was essentially the “audio guy” handling nearly every aspect of the audio experience: Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer, Implementer. I worked directly with Stuart Denman, the principal Engineer/Artist/Designer to really hone […]

  • Fight Camp Musical Stingers

    Fight Camp Musical Stingers

    Here is a collection of musical “stingers” from Fight Camp by Electrolab Games. I acted as the Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer, and Implementer for this title. This video gathers all of the stingers that I created and plays them along with their associated image so you get an idea of what the context is. […]

  • Fight Camp – Gameplay captures

    Fight Camp – Gameplay captures

    Here are some in-game video captures from Fight Camp by Electrolab Games. I acted as the Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer and Implementer for this title. The tone of the game is sort of a quirky, cartoonish treatment of a very slickly produced and aggressive subject. I took elements from both worlds and created an […]

  • Classic Remake

    Classic Remake

    This is one of only two cutscenes from ED:R that is a remake of scenes from the original Evil Dead II movie. Since I’m a big fan of the movies, I really wanted to do this scene justice. I tried to ride the edge of campy and creepy, much as Raimi and Campbell did. Each […]

  • Sam and Ash

    Sam and Ash

    This is a more subtle mix and sound design example. The graveyard night ambiance is a composite of some field recordings that I did in Eastern Washington. One of the layers is significantly pitched down and the frogs take on a nightmare cow kinda feel.  The music is typical of my eerie mood compositions, with […]

  • Erie ambient music

    Erie ambient music

    This is another ambient piece of music that I wrote for Evil Dead: Regeneration. This is what is playing in the background as you wander around an insane asylum. Traditional instrumentation of reverbed piano, strings, synth pad with filter and pitch modulations. There’s also some manipulated field recordings in there, including a down pitched laundromat. […]

  • Cranky Pants Logo

    Cranky Pants Logo

    This is the Evil Dead themed logo movie I did for Cranky Pants Games. I wanted to reinforce the slapstick nature of the scene so I ‘Mickey Moused’ the music to act as the main sound design element. Classic piano scale run up to the impact, and then a vari-pitched synthetic gong patch to mimic […]

  • Wacky Possession Music

    Wacky Possession Music

    This is an excerpt from an original composition that I did for a gameplay mode where the player posses a his Deadite sidekick. Go figure. I was given “Stand Together” by the Beastie Boys as inspiration (or rip-off). The original song has a comedic sax loop that sounds more like a clucking chicken, but then […]