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  • Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

    My first game soundtrack (and album, for that matter) has been released! I’m happy to announce that the official soundtrack for the very successful indie game Tiny Bubbles is now available on virtually all digital streaming platforms and online stores. Click on the image above or search your digital purveyor of choice, it has been […]

  • Tiny Bubbles

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Pine Street Codeworks to help bring this enchanting puzzle game to life! For this project I was essentially the “audio guy” handling nearly every aspect of the audio experience: Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer, Implementer. I worked directly with Stuart Denman, the principal Engineer/Artist/Designer to really hone […]

  • Vegas World

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    Here’s a fun contract I had doing sound design for Flowplay on their Vegas World social casino MMORPG.  In the game you can purchase “Charms” that would give you a bit more luck or make the games pay out a little more over a period of time.  When used while playing slot machines, they would […]

  • Gun recording session for Takedown

    Here’s a blog entry from Serellan about the gun recording session that we did for their game Takedown.  While the weather was not the most cooperative, we ended up with a ton of great content from two different locations.  The first location had a really great rolling thunder of a tail for each shot.  The […]

  • Fight Camp Musical Stingers

    Here is a collection of musical “stingers” from Fight Camp by Electrolab Games. I acted as the Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer, and Implementer for this title. This video gathers all of the stingers that I created and plays them along with their associated image so you get an idea of what the context is. […]

  • Fight Camp – Gameplay captures

    Here are some in-game video captures from Fight Camp by Electrolab Games. I acted as the Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer and Implementer for this title. The tone of the game is sort of a quirky, cartoonish treatment of a very slickly produced and aggressive subject. I took elements from both worlds and created an […]

  • Fight Camp is officially released!

    Tension Studios most recent project, Fight Camp by Electrolab Games, is live and getting great reviews already! GameZebo recently reviewed the game and gave the audio a brief, yet unconditionally “excellent” mention, check it out.