Liquored Water

This is an excerpt from Liquored Water, a track that appeared on the Control-Alt-Delete Cat Compilation II. This was one of those songs that was born overnight. I literally stayed up all night writing it because I didn’t want to lose any momentum. It started off with the original guitar loop that I recorded through a couple of pedals. The rhythm was slow and had a wave-like quality to it that I reinforced with the offset cycles in the percussion and other instrument layers. There are only a few places in the song where the different cycles all align, so that adds to the feeling like the song is being washed over you.

While I enjoyed the song as an instrumental, I felt like it needed a little more for inclusion on the CD so I had an acquaintance of mine (Zoe aka Betty X) add some lyrics and vocals. Heavy chorus and overdubbing was in order to make the vocals sit inside the music instead of bobbing on top.

Composition, production, engineering, stereo mix