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  • Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

    Tiny Bubbles Official Soundtrack

    My first game soundtrack (and album, for that matter) has been released! I’m happy to announce that the official soundtrack for the very successful indie game Tiny Bubbles is now available on virtually all digital streaming platforms and online stores. Click on the image above or search your digital purveyor of choice, it has been…

  • C’est la Mort CDs released!

    C’est la Mort CDs released!

    Tension Studios client C’est la Mort has just released their debut CD along with an EP of remixes.  Tension Studios mixed and engineered the album, Empty Words Fill Lonely Spaces, plus contributed a remix to the EP (In the Soft Focus Light of I Love You) as well as mastering it.  The CD is getting…

  • Quick update

    Just finished mixing the debut album for C’est La Mort, I’ll be doing a remix of one of the songs too.  Also recorded some backing vocals for bathyscaph and Eben Eldridge.  Details and links to come as soon as I get them.

  • Liquored Water

    Liquored Water

    This is an excerpt from Liquored Water, a track that appeared on the Control-Alt-Delete Cat Compilation II. This was one of those songs that was born overnight. I literally stayed up all night writing it because I didn’t want to lose any momentum. It started off with the original guitar loop that I recorded through…

  • Epic

    This is an excerpt from a piece that I wrote a few years ago with one of my favorite colaborators, Daniel Blackmoore. This was one of those songs that was inspired by a couple of samples but I needed some initiative to flesh it out. Daniel provided me with motivation and a fresh perspective, but…

  • Taekwondo Action

    Taekwondo Action

    This is an excerpt from the main title sequence of Equal Impact, an independent film shot and produced in Seattle. They wanted a very percussive and rhythmic track, and they also had some existing edits that needed to be synced to the music for dramatic effect. This was an all MIDI and sampler based track…