Fight Camp is officially released!

Tension Studios most recent project, Fight Camp by Electrolab Games, is live and getting great reviews already!  GameZebo recently reviewed the game and gave the audio a brief, yet unconditionally “excellent” mention, check it out.

This is Vegas!

This is the game that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. I’m the Project Audio Director, so I’ve got my fingers in just about every aspect of audio, from the macro to the micro. There’s not too much info that we’ve made public other than a round of PR for a big intro we did in…

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Evil Dead: Regeneration Game Play

I was going to post some game play, but someone already beat me to it. Actually, a lot of people did. Here’s the first 7 minutes or so of the game. It includes some cutscenes, menu, combat, and voice systems. Sounds like this was captured off the PS2.

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Classic Remake

This is one of only two cutscenes from ED:R that is a remake of scenes from the original Evil Dead II movie. Since I’m a big fan of the movies, I really wanted to do this scene justice. I tried to ride the edge of campy and creepy, much as Raimi and Campbell did. Each of the possessed items had…

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Legacy of Kain: Defiance Cut Scene

Here’s another cutscene work print with a full sound design and mix treatment. There is a magical “temporal” explosion happening in the background while the foreground is primarily dialog and a few SFX. 5.1 mix encoded into Dolby PLII. The vocal treatment for the possessed Yanus was a variation of the pre-verb technique; reversing the content, running the reversed content…

Now Defunct :-(

Midway Logo

This is my mix of the Midway logo movie. I was asked to create an alternate ending for the HD version of the logo. While I was doing that, I was so annoyed by the over-used distorted swooshes that seem to be used for every game publisher logo I decided to remix the whole thing. I wanted to use a…

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Sam and Ash

This is a more subtle mix and sound design example. The graveyard night ambiance is a composite of some field recordings that I did in Eastern Washington. One of the layers is significantly pitched down and the frogs take on a nightmare cow kinda feel.  The music is typical of my eerie mood compositions, with the obligatory church bell to…

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Legacy of Kain: Defiance Cut Scene

This is one of the cutscenes I did for Crystal Dynamics on contract. I did all of these scenes using Sony Vegas so I could transfer them back to the developer and they could render out the scenes for each localized language by replacing the dialog track. This also allowed me to work to rough renders while animators could continue…

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Erie ambient music

This is another ambient piece of music that I wrote for Evil Dead: Regeneration. This is what is playing in the background as you wander around an insane asylum. Traditional instrumentation of reverbed piano, strings, synth pad with filter and pitch modulations. There’s also some manipulated field recordings in there, including a down pitched laundromat. Composition, stereo mix


Cranky Pants Logo

This is the Evil Dead themed logo movie I did for Cranky Pants Games. I wanted to reinforce the slapstick nature of the scene so I ‘Mickey Moused’ the music to act as the main sound design element. Classic piano scale run up to the impact, and then a vari-pitched synthetic gong patch to mimic the dizzy hand crawling into…

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Wacky Midget Possesion Music

This is an excerpt from an original composition that I did for a gameplay mode where the player posses a midget Deadite. Go figure. I was given “Stand Together ” by the Beastie Boys as inspiration (or rip-off). The original song has a comedic sax loop that sounds more like a clucking chicken, but then it gets more funky and…

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More Ambient Spookiness

This is some typical creepy texture undertone composition that I did for Evil Dead: Regeneration. I wrote about ten pieces for various levels, all very moody and dark. Classic horror movie instrumentation: tremolo strings, ominous kettle drum, flanged background texture, and a little bowed glass patch instead of the traditional waterphone. Composition, 5.1 mix encoded into Dolby PLII

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Metroid Prime

Here’s a short audio scenario that I created out of some of the sounds that I made on contract for Metroid Prime. The majority of the animal sounds are either modified library sounds or manipulated human vocalizations. The drones are mostly processed field recordings and the mechanicals are edited and processed library sources. Sound design, stereo mix